The Arizona Landlord's Deskbook

THE definitive reference on Arizona landlord/tenant law.

Number of Pages: 556

Interior Type: Black and White

Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"

Binding: US Trade Paper, perfect bound (paperback)

Paper Color: White

In PDF format.  Index deleted (unnecessary) because the complete text is searchable for any word or phrase.  Blank forms can be printed, but cannot be edited or completed on-screen.  The purchaser/owner of the EBook can load the EBook on their desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, AND a smartphone.

In PDF format.  Includes ALL forms from the book.  All blank lines on all forms can be completed on-screen, saved (to a different file name), and printed out.

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The Arizona Landlord’s Deskbook (6th Edition) is an absolute "must" for every landlord, property manager and real estate professional. Winner of SEVEN Glyph Awards from the Arizona Book Publisher's Association, including "Best Business Book," "Best Reference Book," and "Best How-To Book."  

The Sixth Edition has been greatly expanded, improved and updated.  It includes blank forms that you may copy and use, the full text of the Arizona Residential Landlord and Tenant Act and forcible detainer statutes, two flowcharts with step-by-step instructions on how to evict a tenant.

The Quick Reference Section, answers all of the most common landlord/tenant issues.

The Procedures Section includes step-by-step instructions on:

This book includes critical information that landlords MUST know:

There is even an entire chapter, with forms, exclusively for commercial landlords.


The Forms CD on CD-ROM and the DOWNLOAD version of the Forms CD are identical, except for the obvious difference of an immediate download versus a CD-ROM that will come to you in the mail. You will download the ZIP file immediately after purchase.  We endeavor to mail out the Forms CD on the next business day after the order is placed.

The Forms CD includes forms AND instructions on which form to use and how to serve notices.  The following forms are included:

Forms for use BEFORE tenancy and/or to CREATE tenancy

Form 1 – Tenant Application

Form 2 – Tenant Information Sheet

Form 3 – Property Inspection Checklist

Form 4 – Rental Hold & Option Agreement

Form 5 – Pool Safety Notice

Form 6 – Lead-based Paint Disclosure for Rental Housing & Lead-based Paint Pamphlet

Form 7 – Option to Purchase Agreement

Form 8 – Lease Guaranty

Form 9 – Adverse Action Notice

Forms for Use During Tenancy

Form 10 – Partial Payment Agreement

Form 11 – Notice of Parking Violation

Form 12 – Multiple Purpose Notice Form

Form 13 – Immediate Termination – Material and Irreparable Breach

Form 14 – Five-day Notice – Pay or Quit

Form 15 – Five-day Notice – Health & Safety

Form 16 – Ten-day Notice – Material Noncompliance

Form 17 – Notice of Termination (By Landlord)

Form 18 – Notice of Termination (By Tenant)

Form 19 – Demand for Possession

Forms for Use after Tenancy Has Terminated

Form 20a – Disposition of Deposit(s)

Form 20b – Disposition of Deposit(s) – Notes to Attorney

Form 21 – Post-judgment Notice to Tenants

Form 22 – Judgment Information Statement

Form 23 – Notice of Abandonment

Form 24 – Notice of Sale of Personal Property (Ten-day Notice)

Form 25 – Notice of Sale of Personal Property (Five-day Notice)

Form 26 – Multipurpose Notice Form 2

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